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Luna Savonnerie

Bellini Fruity - Shower gel

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Do you like smoothies and their fruity smell?

This is a mixture of fruit, which you pour into a worm after passing it through a blender. A little sweet, but all quite balanced. One subtle sweet scent at a time.

To my loving Bellini fruity candlelight I have started to slowly incorporate it into my line and this one will not disappoint you.

Shower lovers finally arrive the shower gel!

The shower gel is made from a soap paste that I created to give you a silky, moisturizing experience and a relaxing time for yourself.

Sunflower oil is a wonderful vitamin-packed oil for the skin. Babassu is a graceful oil that will not leave an oily residue on your skin.

Glycerin is a humectant that promotes hydration.

It is perfect for everyone. Just put a little gel on your foam shower puff and you're done!