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Luna Savonnerie

Saphire Shampoo

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Are you a sportsman?

Saphire is a gentle masculine scent with notes of Yuzu, woody ginger and several other lovely notes. Saphire will reinvigorate you and give you the energy to go about your day.

A solid shampoo is degreasing and leaves a clean scalp! Perfect for any hair type. Although it is formulated, mild surfactant, these allow the oils used to incorporate well, to take advantage of all their benefits. The solid shampoo is eco-responsible, wrap in a biodegradable film to protect it and keep its freshness until use.

Additional information

Mica is an ingredient that gives shampoo a beautiful vibrant color without being toxic. The fragrances allow you to perfume your skin delicately.

  • 86g
  • 5x2.5
  • Free of Palm Oil, Parabens and Petroleum, Phthalate
  • Test with consenting people.
  • Used within one year
  • If an order of more than 5 bars, this is considered a special order and a minimum lead time of 2 weeks is expected.
  • Because these are handmade, the colors will vary from bar to bar.

Mode of use

- To make sure you get the maximum life out of your shampoo, it is recommended to dry it on a soap dish outside the shower.

What you will get:

A shampoo bar with carefully chosen ingredients to give you a unique quality product that you will love. Carefully wrap with a biodegradable polyester to protect the shampoo well. Clear label to see the final product. Each product is handmade by me at my home in Ripon, Quebec.